How To Access Deep Web From Your iPad Or iPhone Using Tor?

Deep Web or Hidden Web or Invisible Web or Encrypted Web is used to refer to those websites that are not indexed by any search engines and which need layers of encryption to be visited.

 Surprisingly, only 4% of Web Content (Approximately 8 billion pages) is available via Search Engines. The rest 96% of the digital universe is on Deep Websites protected by passwords. It is said that the hidden web is 500 times larger than the visible or surface web.

SoC showdown :Snapdragon 821 vs Exynos 8890

A single chip, which includes lots of different functions,  is known as a SoC or a System-on-a-Chip. The chips which power our smartphones are no longer just CPUs, but a CPU plus a GPU plus a memory controller plus a DSP plus a radio for GSM, 3G and 4G LTE communications.

But it doesn’t stop there, on top of all that, you will find discrete bits of silicon for the GPS, USB, NFC, Bluetooth and for the camera.

How Xiaomi Sold 100,000 Cellphones In 4 Seconds! | Xiaomi Case Study

Xiaomi or 'Mi' has become one of the prominent cellphone manufacturing companies around the world and the massive success achieved by them over the course of just a few years is curiously intriguing. The first time they caught everyone's eye was back in 2011 when he company sold 100,000 phones in 3 hours, then again in mid-2012 when they managed to sell 150,000 mobiles in just 15 minutes.

Samsung Galaxy S8 Features Leaked! | Samsung Galaxy S8 Rumours And Specifications

Samsung is in a tight position right now as the company hopes to rise again after the devastation that was the Galaxy Note 7. The device came out swinging,  and then it began to trip and explode multiple times to the point where Samsung had to abandon it completely.